Thursday, September 18, 2008

about global warming

Hi nature lovers,i am joining to your view again.
You know i want to talk in a new topic at every post.I think i should not explain old revews,because they are known topics.So i want to tell my openion about global warming and scinciests responsiblity.
First of all we should know what is global warming.Let us know about it.
A few years ago our worlds tempereature was normol.But now we can feel too much hot in hot season.At that way if hotness will grow human will not be able to live in this world.So we should know about it.
Global warming is growing temperature of world.It is growing day per day.
You know why it increasing?If you are thinking it's growing by human activities you are correct.
Yes!When we continue our works with out care of our atmosphere it will not preavent any dangerous and hot rays from the sun.There is't only one reason for global warming.Scientiests are agreeing that carbondioxide gas and carbonmonoxide gas are sencetive to warming our earth.We are using petrolium mostly now as fuel.They discharges these gasses.Plants can recycle and clean these carbonic gasses.But we are destroying jungles and planty areas.
Publicly we can plant new plants to save this world and scientiests can study about new ways of fuels.They can warn to governments to save enviornnent against carbonic,poisonic and bad gasses.To control global warming also.
Khumnath (kn shankar cg)

Friday, August 15, 2008

changing enviornment and our responsibility to save it

Dear reader you know how was our village or city 50th years ago?You may not know but you know about 10years history.There was neat & clean roads,green forest,clean vew of our sorroundings and peace.But now you know how is our enviornment?Let's know abaut it.
Nowadays you can see ererywhere smokes & dusts.You can listen everywhere bad sounds also.
Incase of pollution many deases are increaseing.Our ecosystem is being malfunctional & many problems are rising up.
Now we can guess why enviornment is going to be fall in heal.Our activities like cut down trees from forest,using old vechiels etc...
We can control our activities against enviornment.You know how?We can plant new plants in blank areas,we can arrange our area as cleaning,we can change our old veichels which left smoke & sound,we can use eco friendly fuels like electricity.
That is our responsibility to save our enviornment and to save our world.
By khumnath
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