Friday, February 19, 2021

What is Spyware ?

Spyware is a small program written to spy on your computer. Maybe to advertise products? Some spyware are annoying because they open ad windows often, but some are worse, they make you unable to use the internet at all. No matter where you go Will show the advertising window Or maybe it is a type of pornography website With dozens of pop-up windows

How did this spyware get into your machine ?

Most computer users Never taking care of  own machine Never protected Never maintained It often crashes easily, like driving a car, it has to be maintained, cleaned, changed the engine oil, etc., but most computer users are unaware of the maintenance here. So had to sit down worried Spyware can infect in many ways, but the main ones are:

1. Visit various websites, and download the program, it downloads  without reading  anything.

2. Download a free program called Freeware and use it for free. But be careful, many free programs include spyware as a bonus. For example, Kazaa Media Desktop , a program that allows users to exchange files, just like Napster, now has millions of users with Kazaa . Because people can use it to download free MP3 music . Kazaa has two types, free and paid. If it's free He will add more than 10 spyware ... I think it's worth it.

3. Open the program sent by email Maybe a friend sent an email with a beautiful program. Which my friends did not know that they had spyware in them.then  browser window advertisement appears. 

As soon as Spyware enters our machine It will show a special feature of the program, that is, presenting web pages, advertisements, inviting you to click every time we go online. It comes in different images as follows

1. There is a Pop-up that often visits the website.

2. Toolbars have more toolbars.

3. Page Desktop icons strangely increased.

4. When  open browser, the startpage have  new website. Never seen before

5. Spyware 's advertising webpage can replace any website so users can not access.

How to protect yourself from being attacked by spyware

1. Install Anti-Spyware program on the computer so that Anti-Spyware can detect and find foreign objects ( Spyware) that will enter the side of the computer, which Anti-Spyware program will check in real time. When Anti-Spyware detects spyware, it will alert the user and remove spyware from the computer immediately.

2. Do not download files or programs from untrusted websites. It should only be downloaded from reputable websites.

3. When visiting a specific website or application installation window, consider reading the text to verify how the terms of use are indicated before taking any action. Anyway, or if unsure what is, turn off those screens immediately. (Click on the x cross)


How to fix it when your computer is infected or under attack by spyware

1. Install Anti-Spyware program to detect, find and remove spyware from your computer. There are many anti-spyware programs available, both free and paid, for example , a freeware anti-spyware such as Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware produced by Microsoft or Lavasofts Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition.

2. Check Update program regularly,  update virus database on your antivirus.
3. check manualy your installed programs for suspected spyware for removal.

4. make new user account on pc and delete old one because some spyware works within user directories on disk.

happy computing!

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