fastest way to become a software developer

What's up everyone, in today's blog I'm going to tell you that    How do you get into the software industry? And can you come into it or not?
 Is it possible for you to enter the software industry?
Can you enter the software industry? The answer is yes .... you guessed it right! Yes, you can come
But some of you tell me I haven't done any programming in 15 years.
 I graduated in law 15 years ago or I graduated in economics or I am a commerce student
So can I get into it? The answer is .. you can come. You can definitely come
 What is the reason for this? Because in today's age everything is going digital
 Many jobs are being created in such a short time.
 You will definitely get a job because there is a lot of demand
 So the answer to this question is how to make an action plan?

 Watch this video for full details

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