Ways to extend the battery life of any laptop

Hello laptop user,
I'm going to discuss any laptop battery backup
let's started without any excuse:

1. Like a smartphone, the screen of a laptop consumes a large part of the battery. Keep the brightness level to a minimum. If not needed, turn off the keyboard's backlight as well.

2. External devices in the USB port draw power from the laptop's battery. If not needed, remove them from the laptop.

3. Due to the overheating of the laptop, the internal fans have to run faster, due to which the battery is spent more. Most laptop cooling pads also take power from the laptop itself. Keep the laptop in a cool place. To

4. Hibernate your laptop instead of standby. While in hibernation, your laptop goes into sleep mode and saves battery.

5. Laptops running Windows have built-in power plan setting. You can choose several things here, such as when to turn off the display, hard disk and USB power

6. There are many applications related to battery. These indicate the battery discharge cycle. They also show the temperature of the CPU and hard drive, which indicates overheating.

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