Mero Nepali Baja Vst Download

Mero Nepali Baja 1.0


  • high quality madal oneshot  samples.
  • original harmonium samples
  • bansuri sounds
  • tabla instrument
  • hammered dulcimer(santoor) recorded samples
  • various madal  key sounds without changing instrument.
  •  64 bit vst plugin to load on any 64bit DAW.
  • windows installer for easy vst installation(available as per request). no need manually copy vst dll and corresponding files.
  • lifetime activation key
  • installation support with npr 500 fee

price for full set of instruments

  • customer of real madal pro v2.0 3500 npr.(installation support free)
  • for new customer  4500 npr. (plus installation support 500 npr. if necessary)
  • there are 5 instruments in mero nepali baja vst if someone need only one of them harmonium, madal, bansuri,tabla or santoor can buy with price of npr 1500 (plus installation support npr 500.)

  • contact us for full or single instrument.

how to buy?

  • contact us via email facebook or phone.

is there any video showcasing vst plugin?

what about mac users?

  • this plugin works only on windows host. mac users can buy sound samples and use them.  please contact us for sound samples.

i am outside of nepal how can i buy?

  • there is an option to pay with paypal too.
  • price will be 50 $ for  full vst   15 $ for single instrument samples.
  • please contact us for further assistant 

best wishes.

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