mero baja vst update nepali panchebaja,khaijadi ,majura, tungna and other 17 instrument

 New Instruments Added:

  1. Nepali Panchebaja
  2. Nepali Epic
  3. Dohori Drums
  4. Khaijadi
  5. Majura
  6. Murchunga
  7. Tugna

updated list of features with the additional Nepali instruments: 1. **High-quality madal oneshot samples:** Immerse yourself in the authentic rhythms of Nepali music with meticulously crafted madal samples, capturing the essence of this traditional percussion instrument in stunning detail. 2. **Original harmonium samples:** Experience the soulful melodies of the harmonium, a staple instrument in Indian and Nepali classical music, with original samples that faithfully replicate its rich and resonant tones. 3. **Bansuri sounds:** Transport yourself to the serene landscapes of Nepal with the ethereal sounds of the bansuri flute, meticulously sampled to capture its hauntingly beautiful melodies and evocative timbre. 4. **Tabla instrument:** Explore the intricate rhythms and dynamic beats of Indian and Nepali classical music with the tabla instrument, featuring authentic samples that faithfully reproduce the expressive nuances of this iconic percussion instrument. 5. **Hammered dulcimer (santoor) recorded samples:** Embark on a journey of sonic bliss with the dulcet tones of the hammered dulcimer, also known as the santoor, meticulously recorded to capture its mesmerizing sound and intricate harmonies. 6. **Various madal key sounds without changing the instrument:** Access a range of key sounds on the madal instrument without the need to switch instruments, providing versatility and convenience for musical compositions. 7. **Nepali Panchebaja sound:** Experience the vibrant ensemble of traditional Nepali Panchebaja instruments, including Dholak, Jhyali, Jhamta, Damaha, and Karnal, meticulously sampled to capture the essence of Nepali cultural festivities and ceremonies. 8. **Nepali Epic sound:** Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Nepali folklore and mythology with the Nepali Epic instrument, featuring a diverse collection of traditional melodies and rhythms inspired by ancient tales of heroes, gods, and mythical creatures. 9. **Nepali Khaijadi sound:** Explore the distinctive sounds of the Khaijadi, a traditional percussive instrument from the Terai region of Nepal, known for its resonant wooden construction and unique tonal qualities that add depth and character to Nepali musical compositions. 10. **Majura sound:** Delight in the serene melodies of the Majura, a traditional string instrument from the hills of Nepal, meticulously sampled to capture its sweet and melodic tones, evoking the tranquil beauty of Nepal's mountainous landscapes. 11. **Tungna sound:** Enrich your sonic palette with the hauntingly beautiful melodies of the Tungna, a traditional wind instrument from the Kathmandu Valley, meticulously sampled to capture its serene tones and rich timbre, transporting listeners to a realm of tranquil beauty and spiritual reflection. 12. **Murchunga sound:** Add a playful and distinctive element to your music with the Murchunga instrument, also known as the Jaw Harp or Mouth Harp, featuring a flexible metal reed that vibrates to produce twangy and resonant sounds, adding a touch of whimsy to traditional Nepali compositions.

  • 64-bit VST plugin compatible with any 64-bit DAW.
  • Windows installer for easy VST installation (available upon request);
  • note:also mac support
  • Lifetime activation key.
  • Installation support available with a fee of NPR 500.
  • Price for full set of instruments:
    • For existing customers of Real Madal Pro V2.0: NPR 4500(installation support free).
    • For new customers: NPR 5000(plus installation support fee of NPR 500 if necessary).
  • Each new instrument can also be purchased separately for NPR 1500 (plus installation support fee of NPR 500 if required).

**Contact Information:**

Email: Primary Phone: +9779817417650 Secondary Phone: +9779846920259 Facebook: or

- **Payment Options:** eSewa, Ime pay ,PayPal (for customers outside Nepal).

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