12 habbits for good quality sleep

 Sleep is very important for the health of people, whether it be age, gender, whatever. Many people may not think that just sleeping can cause problems. But do you know that sleeping is like a nightmare for many people? Anyone who is hard to sleep, does not sleep well, often wakes up in the middle of the night, wakes up and cannot continue to sleep. We know very well how much suffering that sleep is.

But no matter how difficult it is We can control quality sleep. Researchers have found “Sleep hygiene” has been created to help us sleeping at the best quality. And optimal performance. In fact, sleep hygiene is not difficult.

here are 12 things to do for hygenic and quality sleep

1. Avoid caffeine Alcohol, cigarettes, or anything that will interfere with sleep.
We all know that caffeine is an inhibitor of sleepiness. (Well, we drink coffee during the day to brighten up the eyes) If you get caffeine before bed. Caffeine stimulates us to feel alert. Until disturbed sleep Even if you sleep But sleep quality will decrease Which caffeine is not only found in tea or coffee But also found in soft drinks Or chocolate too Therefore, caffeine-containing foods should be stopped at least 4-6 hours before bedtime.

As for alcohol, many people like to drink it because they understand that it makes us fall asleep and sleep well. But only at the beginning After that it will act as a stimulant. As a result, we often wake up or sleep. You should limit your drinking to 1-2 drinks per day (or less) and avoid alcoholic beverages 3 hours before bed.

In addition, people who smoke. Should also allow the last time to smoke before going to bed Don't get nicotine too close to bedtime.

2. Create a bedroom in a condition that is conducive to sleep.
The ideal sleeping environment is dark, quiet, airy and cool. It will help us fall asleep easier and sleep better. Some people may have to rely on earplugs to reduce the noise. Relying on blindfold to reduce light Keep the room temperature just right. Not too hot and not too cold Position the mattress for good ventilation. Including the selection of sleeping equipment is important, including mattresses, pillows, bolster pillows, blankets, choose that make us sleep as comfortable as possible.

Another way that many people don't focus on.  bedroom should have the most comfortable atmosphere for sleeping. The bedroom is only for sleeping Other activities that have been done in the bedroom, such as television, computer, work pile, move all out behind the bedroom door. keep this area for only sleep.

3. Find a light activity before bedtime

it should be a relaxing activity suitable for the period overlapping from waking to sleep. This is one hour before bedtime, such as taking a good shower, reading a book, listening to soft music , watching television, and ending all stress-inducing activities. Activities that cause both physical and mental stress Causing our body to release stress hormones Or the cortisol comes out We will feel awake, anxious, and unable to sleep if we have any problems.

4. Go to bed only when you feel really sleepy.
Remember the suffering when you lay down but you can't sleep? Struggling and trying to sleep brings the greatest amount of stress. And also followed up with distress If you fall into bed but still won't fall asleep within 20 minutes, give up trying. Then get out of bed to do something else Find something that makes you relaxing, such as reading a book or listening to music until you feel sleepy again. And can go back to sleep

5. Make use of light.
Light (from nature) is a clock that controls our brain, body. Which affects sleep regulation, waking up in a healthy sleep cycle, so every morning should take yourself out to the sun. And during the day we go outside to see some light Don't keep yourself indoors all the time.

6. Don't just look at the time.

How we focus on time Whether it is when trying to sleep Or waking up in the middle of the night Will make us nervous, stressed, and difficult to sleep Try not to pay too much attention to the time at night. Or if it's not too difficult, turn the clock face away. But if you wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to fall asleep within 20 minutes, get out of bed for a quiet and relaxing activity, such as reading, listening to soft music , trying to dim the lights when you start to feel sleepy. Go back to sleep

7. Avoid naps during the day.
Many people already have the habit of napping on a daily basis. Which is not a mistake or a bad thing But for people who are sleeping difficult or not sleeping well. Taking naps during the day can decrease your need for a night's sleep.If you are really sleepy, naps should be as short as possible and before 5pm.

8. Build a sleep habit by setting the body clock.
Having a timely and consistent bedtime Will help sleep better quality. This means that we should wake up and sleep at the same time every day, whether at work or on holidays, to control ourselves from staying up late and wake up late on holidays because of sleeping and waking up on time. This is the sleep clock in our body. The body recognizes that it is time to rest. It will make us feel more relaxed to be ready for sleep or when awake, the body prepares to stimulate energy When it gets used to

9. Choose dinner.
During dinner, choose to eat light, easy to digest and absolutely abstain from late-night food, such as eating pizza at 10 PM may cause insomnia Because it is heavy and takes time to digest, we should finish eating at least 3 hours before going to bed.

10. Drink enough water and stay fit.
If the body has enough water Will help us not to feel thirsty until we have to wake up in the middle of the night But like drinking too much before going to bed May cause us to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet Or ran to the toilrt all night

11. Exercise
Exercise is to balance the body. This will help us sleep easier and better. But on condition that it must be at the right time Far away from bedtime for several hours. At least 3 hours or so early evening. if exercise is too close to bedtime It stimulates the body. after the hormone cortisol keeps our brains awake. Which is not good for sleep at all

12. Follow up
if you can follow all 11 above until it becomes a daily routine. We will become easier and better to sleep. Sleep is more effective than ever. Still, not all sleep problems arise are always easily solved. There may be other problems indicating a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, snoring, leg cramps, or constant drowsiness even though you think you are getting enough sleep.

If one of these 11 problems cannot be solved, many sleep problems do not improve. Consult a doctor or a sleep specialist. In addition, psychiatrists may need to see whether there is any underlying depression because people with depression often have sleep problems.

have a good sleep!

--merotips health

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