Here's how to send a request to find out a friend's location on Google Maps

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We must have used Google Maps at least. We have to go somewhere, but if we don't know the way to go, we follow the Google map to reach the destination. However, some of the features available on the map are not what we used.

We may be ignorant about such features. Here we are discussing a similar feature. With the help of which you can follow your friend . This means you can reach your destination by following the path your friend is walking.
Some of us may have already used this feature. However, even here we are providing you with procedural informatio.

Send a request for location sharing
You both need to have the Google Maps app on mobile to share Google Maps with you and your friends.Which you can download through Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple.

When downloading and using the app, you need to provide access to your location and contacts to Google.
To do so, first open Google Maps on your mobile phone to request for Google Location Share.

When you open the map, you will see your profile photo on the top right side. Click on the photo. When you click on the photo, there are various options. Click 'Location Sharing'.
If you have never shared a location before, you need to share your location with others first. To do so, click on the 'New Share' button at the beginning.

Now you can adjust how long you want to share your location.

Now select the contact email of the person to whom the request is to be sent and click on the share button at the end.

When you share your location, you can then request that person for their location.

As soon as you click on the request, a prompt box will appear on the screen. On that screen you will be asked if you want to share your email.

Since you can't share location without sharing your email, you can click 'Request' at the end of the box.

After doing so, your friend will receive a notification of your request for location sharing.

By clicking on the notification, the friend will be able to share his location with you.

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