Is there something wrong with your laptop's battery? Check it out!

 Is there something wrong with your laptop's battery?  Check it out!
  If you are running Windows 10 laptop or pc then you can get various new features.A new feature is the battery report. This feature will tell you how long your battery lasts and tells about battery health.

 With the help of some simple commands, you can view the battery usage data, battery capacity and life estimates.  This feature allows you to change the battery when battery is bad.
 Here's how to extract battery report via powercell in windows 10.



 1. To extract battery report via Windows PowerShell.  Right-click on the Start icon and select Windows PowerShell's admin panel from the menu or type shortcut (keys win + x).

Now a Windows pop-up may ask you for permission to use admin rights.  Click 'Yes' on it.
 After doing so, a blue power shell window appears and you are allowed to type. Type or paste code  powercfg / batteryreport / output “C: \ attery-report.html” into it.  Then the command runs.
 3. After you completed command tasks as above, PowerSell reports to you about the battery, the name of the HTML file, and where it is stored on your computer.


 4. To see battery life report, open Windows File Explorer and access the C drive.  There you will find the battery life report saved in the HTML file.  Double click to open that file and it will open in your web browser.
 Then you can see the battery status and battery information of your laptop.


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