Down Syndrome in children as well as its causes and symptoms.

In today's blog we will discuss about Down Syndrome in children as well as its causes and symptoms.
what is Down Syndrome?
Down syndrome is a congenital condition in children.  Down syndrome develops in the womb.  The number of chromosomes creates a state of intellectual and physical disability and this causes differences in the physical and intellectual condition of children.
In a normal body, there are 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs in a cell.  But in Down syndrome, there are 47 chromosomes.  It is also called trisomy 21 because it appears as one more pair of chromosomes.  This condition is likely to be equal in both son and daughter.
People with this syndrome have more complex health problems than others.  But no parent is to blame for the birth of a child with Down syndrome.

The main cause of this condition is heredity and this syndrome can be seen during pregnancy after 35 years.
How to identify Down syndrome?
Some of the symptoms are obvious in children with Down syndrome.But chromosome testing is needed to be sure of the syndrome. Such a test is called a karyotype test.
What are the symptoms in a child with Down syndrome?
- Weight loss during childbirth
 - The face should be round
 - The head should be small and the back part should be wide
 -Dry skin and allergies appear quickly
 - Eyes wide open
 - Small nose, ears and mouth
 -Muscles are looser than usual
 - Tongue sticking out often
 - The joints will be loose
 - Teeth do not come together and some do not come
 - The abdomen should be a little bigger
 - Hands and feet become numb
 - Fingers to be short and thick
 - Decreased height
 - Dullness in physical and mental development 
The symptoms mentioned above may appear in whole or in part in children with Down syndrome.
Is Down Syndrome Curable?
Down syndrome is not a disease and it does not spread to anyone.  This is a natural unchanging state. Which comes with the congenital child. The issue is being investigated internationally, but no cure has yet been found.

Do children with Down syndrome recover?
Although the health of these children looks good at normal levels, sometimes this condition causes problems. These problems are considered natural in these children. So if you see such a problem in your children, you should get information about that situation. It is also important to have regular health check-ups for your children. So that any problem can be known in time and its life can be made safe by treating it.

People with Down syndrome need expert help.  Such as parents, doctors, physiotherapists,
 Occupational Therapist Other:

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