What is the fastest way to stop toothache?

Nowadays, toothache has become like a disease that affects everyone 
Do not brush your teeth after eating or
If you don't clean your teeth after eating sweets, your teeth will hurt.

Today's blog is about What is the fastest way to stop toothache?

1. Rinsing with salt-water: 
Mix one teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and rinse mouth, it cures toothache.  Salt-water removes dirty food from the mouth and cleans it as well as cures pain.

2. Using a cold pack: 
By placing a piece of cold cotton on the aching tooth, the pain can be avoided temporarily.

3. Applying clove oil: 
Toothache can be treated at home with clove oil.  In case of oil, clove flower can be soaked in coconut oil and its powder can be applied on the sore tooth.  This oil reduces toothache or pain.

4. Applying basil leaf paste or juice: 
Basil is considered to be very effective in preventing toothache.  Pick up a handful of basil leaves, wash it well, apply it on the affected area with a fine paste or juice, it cures the pain.  Basil juice also cures toothache and fever.  Basil juice can be applied on the affected area by rubbing it on a cotton cloth.

5. useNimapatta: 
salt, grated fresh nimako leaf on top of mashed boil, wearing clean the teeth sludge.  Nimako leaves fall gunasameta vyakteriyabiruddha be an effective domestic measures to reduce pain as nimapatta.  If not dried green leaf nimapatta hot-water rinse to be made by the mind.  Rinse in hot water three times daily should mind.

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